Video Help Point

This solution is an internal Everdelta R&D project, to build the best Touch Screen Video Helpoint in the market, the current solution is designed to be used indoor or outdoor with anti vandalism display, camera and microphone, the device is designed with induction loop, the dimensions and the software itself can be fully customizable.

This flexibility allows this device to be used in multiple industries.

Branding & Features

  • Logos
  • Colors
  • Touch Screen
  • Screen Size from 10” up to 86”
  • Multi-Industry Software

  • Wall Mountable
  • HD Camera
  • Speakers
  • Anti Vandalism 10mm Glass
  • Brightness sensor
  • Silent Monitoring

  • Security Key
  • Induction Loop Capabilities
  • Stainless Steel C304/C316 or Metal
  • Temperature control
  • Remote Management Software