Smart Transfer Box

Predictive maintenance allows train operating companies to save a lot of money and consumers’ time, resulting in more efficient train journeys.

This project consists on the development of a transmission box installed on the train that gathers information from the train’s subsystems and sends it to the OCC. The information is then analyzed by software that can discover potential issues and schedule any necessary maintenance interventions.

The system has AI capabilities and the ability to adjust all kinds of parameters related to the subsystems of the fleet.

Project Size

  • Number of trains: 24
  • Number of integrations: 2
  • Management web interface: 1


  • Transmission/receiver box hardware
  • 4G Wifi for data transmission
  • AI and BI for proactive information
  • Hexadecimal dictionary
  • Network
  • 3 Different programming languages


  • Stand-alone sender/receiver box with no analytics software
  • Proactive AI and BI for auto-learning
  • Full package with integration with maintenance software e.g SAP