CMMS (Computerized maintenance management system) is an internal R&D Everdelta project to create a solution that supports the daily maintenance tasks of the railway world. The goal is to help technicians on the field interact on a easy way with who runs the operation (team management, scheduling), and who manages stock (purchase orders, part tracking).

The software consists of mobile app mainly for the ones in the field and a web app for the management team.

The system is intended to be used by all departments involved in the maintenance process, integrating existing CRM’s or ERPs such as SAP, vendor parts request systems and tools for purchase order validation from financial teams.

Designed for

  • Maintenance teams
  • Inventory management
  • Financial teams
  • Vendor’s integration


  • Android APP
  • CRM & ERP Development
  • Simple workflow
  • Digital work order
  • Integration with existing tools
  • Integration with planned maintenance software


  • Predictive AI maintenance STB
  • Integration with vendors portal
  • Integrated with SAP
  • Customized Android APP
  • Ruggedized tablet