CallNow. What is Smart Dialer?

CallNow is a mobile app that helps IT managers of corporations avoid telecom bill shock. The app offers different calling methods to save costs on international and roaming calls as alternatives to the mobile carrier.

Everdelta has developed an AI algorithm, called Smart Dialer, that makes CallNow a real-time telecom expense management system. When a user places a call the Smart Dialer compares CallNow’s tariff with the carrier's tariff and decides how to place the call using the most affordable option.

CallNow also offers conference calling features and can be integrated with the customer’s legacy telephony system.

By using CallNow companies have these key advantages

  • Get the most out of your mobile tariff
  • Avoid bill shock
  • Single platform to make calls wherever they are and wherever their calling to
  • Have the freedom of alternative solution during the months that are committed with the mobile provider tariffs
  • Integration with current systems e.g Audio conferencing solutions and VoIP infrastructure