Everdelta Video Assistance


EVA is a video calling system that enables users to start a video call just by scanning a QR Code or clicking a link: no app needed and instant connection. We provide the same call management system used nowadays for audio calls, but supporting video technology.

Uses cases


The QR Code, even more recognizable nowadays, can be displayed on whatever size you like, on any wall or screen, near station entrances, gates, or wherever customers may need support.

Enable the commuters to access one-to-one support using their own smartphones to scan the QR Code, avoiding being near the staff and keeping it a contactless experience.

Several QR Codes can be assigned, creating a dedicated channel for each support tear or subject. Leverage from our dispatching/call management features to better answer your passenger’s needs while reducing mono functional staff. If the primary responder is not available then the Video Call is automatically diverted to the next available staff.


Give your clients the added value of video assistance without the need to rely on physical infrastructure, improving service coverage and keeping it contactless. Moreover, increasing user experience as the Information Assistant can still see the Customer or his/her surroundings for a better scope of the situation and clearer instructions.

Everdelta Video Assistance allows these interactions on the customer’s smartphone or an existing kiosk. The video call can be started just by scanning a QR code and the assistants can be on the premises or remotely.

IT Support

Increase customer satisfaction by offering a humanized interaction and enriched service experience. A frictionless solution without the need to install an app, quickly accessed via a QR Code that can identify the device and the customer. A new experience where you just skip the first Support tear: straight to the point and time saving.

Plus, by doing remote pre-visit assessments, the chance of a quick remote fix will increase drastically and save costs by preventing unnecessary onsite visits. Seeing what a customer sees will help provide an effective and informed solution in real-time. Also, when the customer contacts the services, these are already aware of the account and device originating the support call.


Keep both customers and personnel safe by providing remote assistance preventing physical interaction and keeping both off the busy shop floor. Reduce item returns due to user misunderstanding of the product or provide valuable advice on the product itself.

Improve online shopping experience and increase sales by offering a more convenient one-to-one interaction. Market high-end products to your top customers, showcase new product lines or take after the customer’s specific needs remotely.


Imagine being able to have your viewers join their favourite game show via video call, or giving them the chance to interact live on their favourite TV opinion forum while face-to-face with the participants.

Offer your advertising partners a chance to connect via video call with your viewers and promote their products directly, creating new monetization channels for your network.

How does it work?



Multiple methods to generate
a video assistance call



Press Here to start
a Video Call



Call is established
to staff or contact center