Everdelta Video Assistance

EVA is a video calling system that enables users to start a video call just by scanning a QR Code or clicking a link: no app needed and instant connection.

Our Services

From Portugal to the world, highly qualified engineers deliver on-time, custom-made, ultra-reliable software or hardware.

Software development

A multidisciplinary team with proven track-record on international projects can develop tailor-made critical software for your project.

Telephony Experts

Our telephony engineers have 10+ years of experience building custom-made IP PBXs and integrating them with legacy PBXs and other tools such as CRMs and ERPs

Consultancy & Advisory

Having developed systems for a wide range of corporate projects we can help you from the design stage down to implementation, or simply get onboard on a ongoing project and help to get it to the finish line.

Custom Products

With a customer-centric approach, Everdelta develops solutions that are scalable and flexible. The customer gets what he wants.

Special Development

Our processes allow the customer to get the best tailor-made development. Our goal is to cover the extra mile and make sure the customer is totally satisfied with the end-result, regardless of the type of project or programming language.


Some projects require tailor-made hardware. Everdelta can supply the hardware, make the bridge between the manufacturer and the customer, and ensure the expected quality. We can also implement the hardware whenever it’s necessary.

Our Recent Portfolio

We know that no two businesses are alike, neither are our solutions.